May 31, 2017 2 min read

I wanted to introduce you all to our newest brand ambassadors: Jordan Zirretta and Bryan Martin. I thought about writing out their story and let you in on their newest adventure, but I decided to let them tell it for themselves. Here it is:

A few years back, Jordan and I worked together at a Christian Worldview Conference out in the Rockies of Colorado. After getting to know him and realizing that he and I both had a passion for adventure, I asked if I could road-trip back with him to his home in Los Angeles, California. Let’s just say it was basically the coolest road trip ever and it needed a repeat.
Fast forward to today, Jordan and I have planned another big road trip. This time it will be from his home in L.A. to Deadhorse, Alaska and then back again. It’s a gnarly 70 hour, 3,800-mile, international drive, one-way. Deadhorse, Alaska is a distinctive oil-drilling town that sits on the northern coast of Alaska overlooking the Arctic Ocean. It’s located approximately 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle at the end of a 400 mile, mostly-dirt road, known by most as Dalton Highway. Many people have asked me, “what’s so great about this Deadhorse place your driving to?” And my answer to them is, “Nothing, except for its sheer remoteness.”
While we were planning this trip, we quickly realized that we needed gear. Both Jordan and I are from warmer climates and were extremely unprepared for an adventure of this caliber. Thus, we reached out to a few different brands and chose to work with Hyke and Byke because of the tremendous quality of their sleeping bags. Temperatures in Deadhorse, AK can easily get as low as 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Without a high-quality ultralight 15 degree sleeping bag, we would be miserable. Thankfully, Hyke and Byke had just the sleeping bag we needed, the Quandary 15 Degree sleeping bag.
Throughout the duration of the road trip, Jordan and I will be keeping our social media accounts updated and exciting. We would love it if you followed/friended us on both Instagram and Snapchat. Wish us luck!
Many Thanks,
Bryan and Jordan
Road Trip Extraordinaire
Instagram/Snapchat: @bryanmartin @jzirretta

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