1 Person Backpacking Tent


If you are looking for a professional, 1 person backpacking tent, then you are at the right place.

Professional 1-Person Backpacking Tents



hen you are a solo adventurer who is always on both solo or group backpacking journeys but prefers the freedom of solitude, a solo tent is an ultimate component of your backpacking gear. A smartly engineered solo backpacking tent is a convenient piece of gear that gives you your own private space when sleeping in the outdoors. Most experienced backpackers admire simplicity and exceptional performance to minimize the amount and weight of gear they carry.

When it comes to essential pieces of backpacking gear, a simple but highly functional, ultralight, and adequately-sized solo tent is what each backpacker needs. Solo backpacking tents are a good choice for beginner backpackers that prefer their own enclosed sleeping area next to a fellow backpacker’s tent.

Engineered to occupy minimum space in your pack and light enough to make your longest journeys feel effortless, the Hyke & Byke one-man tents for backpacking represent professionally designed, highly-functional, and reliable essential gear. Having tested many of the tents available on the market and spending many nights under the stars, we know all the aspects that make a backpacking tent reliable, comfortable, and safe.

With our professional engineering background, we also know how much it actually costs to manufacture an exceptionally functional camping tent, the answer being not that much!

Having the experience and professionalism required to come up with the ultimate tent design, we assembled our collection of professional 1-person backpacking tents with the motivation to offer honestly priced, highly professional gear products. Manufactured with the highest quality fabrics and innovative engineering ideas, all 1-person tents in our collection are optimally comfortable, reliable, safe, and available at an affordable price.

Ultralight Solo Backpacking Tents 

The Hyke & Byke collection of 1-person backpacking tents represents ultralight models designed to pack down to very small sizes in convenient carrying sacks for easy transportation. Not only do our solo tents fit snugly in a backpack, but they are also made as an all-in-one package, incorporating sufficient accessories and features for optimal functionality.

We made sure you won’t need any additional accessories, so you can minimize your expenses on tent add-ons. 

The 1-person backpacking tents of our collection come with all the features and add-ons, including a footprint, a removable gear loft pocket, aluminum poles with clip pole attachment for light weight and increased vertical space at the ends of the tent, and a proprietary stake presser.

Hyke & Byke solo tents are available in a one-pole or two-pole design, each featuring ample interior space so you have plenty of room for comfort and won’t have to worry about extra gear space. If you are a backpacker that favors comfort and space before anything else, you can instead go for one of our 2-person tents while still enjoying an ultralight and small-packing professional tent. 

Made with the highest quality water repellent materials and breathable fabrics, all Hyke & Byke solo tents are waterproof and convenient to use across three seasons when paired with a suitable down or synthetic sleeping bag for the projected weather conditions and temperature. 

Your preferred 1-person tent model is available in different monochrome colors or variants of two-color design depending on your model of choice. Guaranteed to be exceptional backpacking tents, we stand behind the quality of our products and guarantee against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

Do not hesitate to check out our professional 1-person tents to enjoy a lifetime of exceptional camping in a tent bought at an affordable price.