June 13, 2018 1 min read

Rolling up a sleeping bag could pose a tough challenge, especially to newbie backpackers. However, with lots of practice, once could roll up a sleeping bag as easy as rolling up a sushi.

First, lay the sleeping bag flat on the ground or on the floor. Flatten your bag as much as you can by running your hands down the length of the bag to break down any clumps and ensure a tight roll.

Next, fold your sleeping bag lengthwise. Again, run your hands down the length of the bag to push out any air bubbles that could have been trapped while folding the bag.

Afterwards, align the two long sides of the bag to ensure an even roll.

When rolling your sleeping bag, start from the bottom and work your way up. This method is effective in pushing out remaining air bubbles inside. Place a heavy object or a buddy’s knees on the head part of your bag to prevent it from unfolding.

After rolling the bag as tightly and as small as you can, grab the bag straps and wrap them around the bag. These straps should keep the bag rolled up nicely and prevent it from unraveling. It would also help if you’d put the bag inside its sack.

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