June 14, 2018 1 min read

Duck and goose down provide the same level of insulation, and they both have the required structure that makes down a good insulator. Both kinds of down have the ability to retain their warmth and loft for several year if they are well taken care of. Here are a couple of aspects to consider when choosing:


There is no major difference between the durability of goose down and duck down. Furthermore, down is an organic product and its durability will depend from one season to another because of several factors involved, like weather, bird condition, feed, and etc.


Because there is a difference between the feeding habits of goose and duck, there may be small differences in the odor between goose and duck down. This is due to the scent in the natural oil content, which is necessary to make the down resilient.

Fill Power

Birds that are older and more mature tend to produce better down with higher fill power.  However, goose down, ounce by ounce, is more superior to duck down. Geese are much bigger birds, so the down clusters are likewise larger and have a higher lift, therefore containing and redistributing more warmth. While goose down has a higher cost at market, customers are still willing to shell out for the price tag for the quality.

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