February 06, 2020 3 min read

Hey! It's Daniel. How have you been?! Been on any amazing recent hikes/treks/rides?

I am prepping for my upcoming trip to Hawaii and wanted to pass along some thoughts regarding my preparation work for taking my tech gear outside!

FYI - These are some basic tips below as I am not a huge techie. So, I won't be too upset if you stop reading based on your level of tech savviness :)

I'm sure you might be reading this email on your phone or on your tablet. Gadgets these days are not only a luxury, they are already a necessity. From making our lives simpler to connecting us to our loved ones, to protecting us in times of danger, it’s safe to say that one cannot be without his gadget.

Even up in the mountains or on a trail, our gadgets prove to be helpful: phones, GPS, and satellite radios serve as a lifeline for hikers, while Bluetooth speakers, cameras, and tablets add more fun to the hike.
However, some gadgets are not as resilient as the others in the face of Mother Nature. So how can you enjoy a hike or spend a day or two in the wilderness without harming your gadgets?


Here are a few of our tips:

Make Sure They Have Protective Accessories. 

These accessories range from cheap to costly so "Do Your Homework":

Zip-seal food bags: For you penny-pinchers out there, a sealable food bag makes an inexpensive, disposable layer of protection from light rain and splashes. You can usually use a touchscreen phone or tablet through the plastic. However, since they’re less-than-crystal-clear, they tend to blur photos and add glare. But, hey, you get what you pay for, right?

Soft cases:  These offer a sturdier form of submersible protection. Clear panels allow reliable touch screen and camera use.



Smartphone cases: These snug, device-specific cases deliver low-profile protection from drops, shock and scratches while preserving full access to touchscreens, buttons and ports. Some models even add crush resistance and waterproof protection.

Hard-sided cases: The Fort Knox of protection options, these watertight containers can defend against just about anything. Many come with customization linings to support fragile items. They are ideal for storage and transport, but don’t offer the quick access and functionality of other options.

For protection against every tech. hazard, I recommend using a device-specific case such as one from LifeProof. It helps protect your phone from water, drops, grit and snow, all while preserving full access and functionality.



Special Notes

Even small amounts of moisture can do considerable damage your gadgets.

Make sure that you keep your gadgets dry thoroughly. Also, avoid using devices during sudden temperature and humidity increases that create condensation and fogging, such as coming into a ski lodge from the slopes or going out into tropical heat from an air-conditioned room.

Consider weatherproof gear.

If you often hike to cold and wet areas, it is wise to invest on rugged, weatherized gadgets for most outdoor uses.

Keep your phone in a zippered pocket.

To ensure that your phone will not accidentally fall out of your pocket and break, it is advisable to keep it in your zippered pocket, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off, but it’s still accessible than when it is in your backpack.

Final Points

  • On hot, sunny days, keep your gadgets in the shade  and consider turning them off. Many electronic gadgets can be damaged by prolonged heat not only to the circuitry, but also the battery's usable life.

  • When in camp, keep all your portable electronics organized and secure in one protected place, such as a clean, dry cooler.

  • If your device gets wet, don’t try to turn it on until it’s completely dry. Placing it in a container of dry rice or silica gel  can help absorb lingering moisture. (If you do succeed in reviving your phone, be sure to back up your information right away. Corrosion may still develop later on.)

  • If it’s been exposed to dry sand or dust, a few blasts from a can of compressed air can help clean it out.

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