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Compression sacks are one of the camping gears that could make your packing either a breeze or a challenge. These sacks compress and reduce the volume of your sleeping bag, so you could easily stuff it in your backpack without eating up too much space.

They are the most preferred to compress large down-filled winter sleeping bags or bulky three-season sleeping bags. While a lot of compression sacks use extra straps to mechanically scrunch up a bulky sleeping bag, some also have a panel of mesh fabric which will vent air as you compress them by putting pressure on them. While these can be lighter weight, they also tend to be significantly costlier.

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Mark Gilberts
Mark Gilberts

March 12, 2020

I bought an Aeolus 15 30 degree f800 3/4 season
Sleeping bag-/and managed to lose the compression
Stuff sack

I bought through Amazon

Let me know how to get one

Thank you

Mark Gilberts
9392 Red Rock la
Monticello Mn. 55363
763 772 6583


March 12, 2020

We are trying to find a bag for big and wide football type guys… do you make anything like that? Can not be your typical mummy since the legs together are 33 inches

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